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Nutrition Education Workshops

(Kinder, Primary & Secondary Programs)

What services can we provide?​


Nutrition & Physical Activity Seminars (all year levels)

Varied active/integrated programs that form part of a class or a health and well-being day that are tailored to the needs of the curriculum goals of your students.

Sessions can run as little as 30 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the age group and class numbers and (attention span of your students). 

Parent Education Sessions

While it is important that children have an understanding about making the right choices it is also imperative that parents do to.  Our children look to us for advice and if we are not equipped with the right information we will not be assisting our children or ourselves to make the right choices when it comes to food.  Catherine can run an information evenings at your school to assist parents with healthy lunch box choices and giving them a good understanding of the foods we need to be feeding our children to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Group Fitness Classes      

As group fitness is our specialty, we can also conduct fun age appropriate fitness classes.  These can include but are not limited to: Boxing, Circuit Training, Strength Training, Pilates (preventative and rehabilitation) and Cardio training




We were incredibly lucky to have Catherine run a healthy eating and nutrition program with our two 3-year-old kinder groups (40 children). She was extremely knowledgeable and kept the children interested with picture books and visual posters. The children enjoyed discussions about the 5 food groups and ‘everyday’ and ‘sometimes’ food.  

Catherine ran a hands on group activity which the children engaged well in by putting their new knowledge into action. Catherine also left us with helpful resources to use within the kindergarten for future discussions. The children and staff learnt a great deal about a balanced diet and how different foods can make you feel.

Catherine worked well together with the staff and had a great temperament with the children. The 3-year-old children enjoyed this experience and we would like to invite Catherine back in the near future to work with other age groups as well.


Nina McArdle

3 year old Early Childhood Educator

Woodhouse Grove Kindergarten

I have organised Catherine to speak to our Year 7 students on a number of occasions and each time she has developed engaging and appropriate presentations for the cohort. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition is clearly evident in her enthusiastic delivery of relevant and up to date research. I provided Catherine with feedback from the Year 7 students about what they would like to know about nutrition, diet and exercise. Catherine was able to formulate an engaging presentation to suit their requests but was also flexible in her delivery, accommodating for individual questions and needs. Catherine incorporated the National Guidelines for Healthy Eating and exercise in to her delivery which is an essential component of our health curriculum. I would strongly recommend Catherine to other schools as her professional but nurturing approach was well received by our students -


Year 7 Co-ordinator

Melbourne Girls Grammar

Catherine Wall delivered a highly comprehensive and engaging Nutrition Workshop to our year 7 and 8 students. The information was appropriate to the students' age and level of understanding, was up to date with the latest research and was delivered professionally. Our students enjoyed the hands-on activities and gained very valuable information about healthy eating. It is clear that Catherine Wall is passionate about educating young students about the importance of a balanced diet for their growth and development. I highly recommend this workshop to other secondary schools


Physical Education Co-ordinator

Sacre Coeur​

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