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Nutrition Education Workshops

(Sporting Clubs & Individual Athletes)

My Nutrition Philosophy

From my own personal study and achievements as a university qualified Nutritionist and with a personal interest in health and fitness, I am a firm believer in moderation.  There are everyday foods and sometimes foods and we should not feel bad for consuming any type of food.  I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in setting yourself a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) to keep you on track and being mindful about your eating by having eating plans in place.  With this in mind when I discuss nutrition with any of my clients I like to base my consultations on evidence and what science tells us.  I firmly believe the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating guidelines are a logical and sensible method to eating healthy.  For those that may suffer intolerances to foods there are alternatives but as a whole this is a simple and easy guide to follow and gives you sustainable results.

With a background working in sport, I have had particular interest in athlete nutrition and helping athletes and the everyday participant in bettering their performance in whatever sport or event they wish to pursue.   Training is obviously incredibly important to achieve your athletic goals however if you are not fuelling your body correctly you will not have the energy to sustain or pursue these goals.  My services include support, guidance and motivation to assist you and provide you with the information, feedback, strategies and relevant resources you need to help you better your performance.

What services can we provide?​


Nutrition Education Workshop - 60 - 90 mins / 2hrs +

Based on what you are wanting to achieve from these sessions.

It involves a presentation to the group that reinforces leading a healthy lifestyle to optimize your athletic potential.  Presentation includes qualified nutritionist facilitating a session, sports nutrition resources, interactive activities and group discussion.

Topics can include (but not limited to): overview of sport nutrition, appropriate foods to fuel the body and how to prepare and fuel during training, before during and after an event (according to events/age group) and ability to read food labels.


Nutrition Diary & Feedback  

Recommended to be completed before or after an education session (but can be used as a service on its own) includes a 10 day food diary analysis along with strategies and relevant resources to refer post analysis.  Athletes are simply asked to download a free app to their phone and send this to me at the end of the 10 days, within a week they are then provided with a report based on this information.

One on One consultation - 30 min initial consults

One on one chats with individuals about their analysis or asking questions or further assistance for how the athlete can fuel their performance appropriately.

Parent Education Sessions

While it is important that children have an understanding about making the right choices it is also imperative that parents do to.  Our children look to us for advice and if we are not equipped with the right information we will not be assisting our children or ourselves to make the right choices when it comes to food.  Catherine can run an information evenings at your school to assist parents with healthy lunch box choices and giving them a good understanding of the foods we need to be feeding our children to succeed in and out of the classroom.

Group Fitness Classes      

As group fitness is our specialty, we can also conduct fun age appropriate fitness classes.  These can include but are not limited to: Boxing, Circuit Training, Strength Training, Pilates (preventative and rehabilitation) and Cardio training - just to add some variety to your training.



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Catherine gave an engaging and age appropriate presentation to our rowing students, with a particular focus on nutrition and its impact upon sport performance.  Her level of passion and enthusiasm for nutrition and health was compelling and our girls commented on how useful they found it.  She tailored her presentation to suit the needs of our particular cohort and was adaptive throughout her presentation, taking and responding to the girls’ questions.  Her information was relevant, interesting and most importantly referenced the latest research and evidence base.  She was highly professional in her preparation and delivery, I would most certainly encourage other school based sports and clubs to utilise her knowledge and experience. -  


Sport Co-ordinator

Melbourne Girls Grammar

Catherine Wall delivered a highly comprehensive and engaging Nutrition Workshop to our year 7 and 8 students. The information was appropriate to the students' age and level of understanding, was up to date with the latest research and was delivered professionally. Our students enjoyed the hands-on activities and gained very valuable information about healthy eating. It is clear that Catherine Wall is passionate about educating young students about the importance of a balanced diet for their growth and development. I highly recommend this workshop to other secondary schools -


Physcial Education Co-ordinator

Sacre Coeur

Wall2Wall Fitness has provided me with fantastic trainers and programs. Love having trainers that really care about their clients on both fitness and nutritional levels. I have managed with the individual and personal touch they give to stay motivated. Nick has me running faster and better than I imagined at my age. He continually helps and encourages me to achieve new goals. Catherine's enthusiasm and nutritional advice helped me loose 13kg and keep it off. Her emails and nutritional words of wisdom are golden! I cannot thank them enough."



Run Group Client

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